2019 Exhibition Opportunities

Then and Here Ft.jpg

May, 2019

Then and Here- May 1– 12, 2019

Artists’ Reception and Birthday Party- May 1, 6- 8 pm

Closing Reception- May 12, 1- 5 pm

Gallery 1 Linda Dubin Garfield and Susan DiPronio

Solo show with special guests organized by smARTbusinessconsulting.org

Featuring works on paper by Linda Dubin Garfield and photographs by Susan DiPronio whose work is inspired by memories and memoir. Garfield’s new work will include her new series Contemporary Palimpsest** and Happy Memories as well as work inspired by recent travel. She loves the whole concept of using what we have, secret thoughts and letting pieces show through. A great metaphor for life and SELF. Memories and layers, what could be better in works on paper?  DiPronio will feature photographs based on memoir and times past.

In the back room, there will also be an exhibit of works done in workshops led by Linda Dubin Garfield for Atria Senior Living’s Life Guidance Memory Care and Wesley Enhanced Living’s Memory Care residents.

*Donations in honor of Linda's birthday will benefit the Dementia Society.

**palimpsest- something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form

C Bancroft Ellis Island Series Two Scottish Girls 18 x 18 acrylic  and conte crayon-1.jpg

There and Now: May 15- 29, 2019

 Opening- May 15, 2019, 6- 8 pm

Third Thursday Salon: Panel organized by

Philadelphia Office of Immigrant Affairs TBA- May 16, 7- 8:30 pm

Closing, May 29, 2019, 6- 8 pm

Group show in Gallery 1  

A group show organized by smARTbusinessconsulting.org

This invitational exhibition showcases artists who are creating new work that explores memories of place and home, both those left behind and or those inhabited now. Home could be interpreted as country and geographic location, as well as the physical and emotional memories they attached to places which have played a significant role in their lives and in how they remember them. This included people, places and things. Implicit in this is the journey we undertake to establish those places we come to call home and how this journey comes to shape our identities and us.

Featuring the work of Kitty Bancroft, Marta Sanchez, Erica Guadelupe Nunez and Shira Walinsky.